Doctor Wisco

Dr. Joshua Allen Wisco holds a strong interest in Feline Internal Medicine. One of his recent success stories involves aiding a cat's recovery from FIP, significantly alleviating symptoms and restoring the cat's health through meticulous treatment spanning 84 days. His dedication to animal welfare stems from his genuine love for animals, fueling his passion for veterinary medicine. As a dedicated pioneer of The Cat Clinic, Dr. Wisco played a pivotal role in shaping its journey from inception to its current standing. His commitment, loyalty, and unwavering care exemplify his principled approach to his work.

Beyond his veterinary pursuits, Dr. Wisco's interests extend to the world of musicals, nurturing a desire to explore voice and theater through classes, if given the chance. Dr. Joshua Allen Wisco embodies strength, empathy, and commitment, making him an invaluable asset to The Cat Clinic and a beacon of compassionate care for our feline companions.