Doctor Thri

Dr. Thri is a dynamic addition to our veterinary team, boasting a diverse background that encompasses a Bachelor of Science in Animal Husbandry and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Her interests lie in Geriatric Management and Feline Internal Medicine, backed by over a year of dedicated practice. However, her impact extends far beyond her professional credentials. Dr. Thri's cheerful and upbeat personality radiates positivity, creating a relaxed atmosphere for cats, pet parents, and colleagues alike. Her genuine passion for her work is deeply rooted in her personal journey, which involves caring for her cat Chicken. This experience fuels her dedication to delivering optimal care to her feline patients, always striving for the best possible outcomes. Dr. Thri's fascination with geriatric patients has earned her the affectionate nickname "CKD Vet" among her peers. Despite her relatively brief time at The Cat Clinic, Dr. Thri's enthusiasm, energy, and unwavering commitment have positioned her among the top veterinarians on our team. Her positive energy ensures that she not only leaves a lasting impact on the lives of cats and their owners but also makes a significant contribution to the overall well-being of our clinic.