Doctor Aixian

In just a few months at The Cat Clinic, Dr. Aixian has shown unwavering dedication and empathy towards cats. He goes above and beyond his duty, especially during late-night emergencies, ensuring every feline friend in need receives the care they deserve. Notably securing 6th place in the Veterinary license exam, his commitment to excellence shines through. His compassion extends to the strays around the clinic, a testament to his genuine love for our furry companions. 

Dr. Aixian’s success stories, like Trooper’s FIP recovery have earned him praise from both colleagues and pet parents. At home, he shares his life with cats Cheesecake, Jollibee, Honey, Kit, Kat, and Sky, showcasing his dedication to feline well-being both personally and professionally. With a unique blend of expertise and empathy, Dr. Aixian truly stands out as a remarkable Veterinarian.