Doctor Ysa

Dr. Ysa's journey as a veterinarian is marked by impactful experiences. During her early days in Alabang, she adeptly managed three diverse cases concurrently – an enlarged heart, a parvovirus-afflicted kitten, and a Feline Infectious Peritonitis patient with neurological symptoms. These challenges propelled her growth, resulting in remarkable recoveries. Dr. Ysa's commitment shines through in her steadfast care for the patient with an enlarged heart, the successful turnaround of the smallest parvovirus patient, and the significant improvement of the FIP patient through innovative therapies.

Rooted in her lifelong love for animals, Dr. Ysa transforms her compassion into tangible positive impacts on animal welfare. Her dedication is unwavering, demonstrated by her continuous pursuit of advanced treatments and her embrace of new medical technologies and protocols. Dr. Ysa's commitment extends beyond her medical interests; she forges strong patient relationships through compassionate communication, embodying the core values of veterinary care. With her profound compassion, extensive knowledge, and unwavering dedication, Dr. Ysa stands as a shining example of a veterinarian making a significant difference in the lives of animals.