Doctor Herold

Dr. Herold, a graduate of Isabela State University (2017), is a prized asset at The Cat Clinic and a respected leader among his peers. With a six-year tenure, he is considered a senior vet with a wealth of experience, contributing significantly to the clinic's strong medical team. His competency in Surgery, particularly Soft Tissue and Reconstructive procedures, as well as his proficiency in Internal Medicine, especially in Geriatrics and Infectious Diseases, as reflected by his Associate Membership in the Philippine Society of Veterinary Surgeons - Companion Animals, showcases his multifaceted skills. Dr. Herold proudly holds the honor of being one of the pioneer Veterinary Doctor in the Philippines performing laparoscopic surgery, a milestone that has brought about a transformative impact on the field of veterinary medicine in the Philippines.

Beyond his achievements, Dr. Herold's dedication to Veterinary Medicine is rooted in his upbringing, surrounded by pets. His personal feline companions, Genos the Alabang resident cat, and Ichiro, symbolize his devotion to animals. Notably, his extensive knowledge is also shaped by two years of practice in Singapore, enriching his perspective and insights.

Dr. Herold's role extends beyond his clinical skills; he plays a pivotal role in training The Cat Clinic's team, generously sharing the knowledge gained from both experience and international work. This selfless contribution makes him a cornerstone of the clinic's strength. His esteemed position at The Cat Clinic not only reflects his dedication but also solidifies his respected stature among his peers, embodying a revered figure and leader in the field of veterinary medicine in the Philippines.