Doctor Yon

With a strong foundation from the esteemed University of the Philippines Los Baños, Dr. Yon brings a wealth of expertise to The Cat Clinic. With 5 years of specialized knowledge in Feline Internal Medicine, Surgery, and Diagnostic Imaging, her proficiency in complex surgeries makes her a go-to resource for new veterinarians seeking valuable insights. Dr. Yon's dedication shines through in her commitment to mentorship, sharing extensive experience to nurture a strong medical team at The Cat Clinic. Notable achievements include the success story of Arf, a cat diagnosed with multiple ailments.

Dr. Yon actively contributes to colleagues' growth, perpetuating veterinary care. Rooted in her belief that "Medicine tickles my brain and cats bring warmth to my heart," she infuses passion into every facet of her work. Outside the clinic, Dr. Yon finds solace in creative pursuits, revealing her multifaceted nature. An exceptional practitioner, mentor, and contributor, Dr. Yon is invaluable to The Cat Clinic, aligning with our mission to provide top-notch care and uphold veterinary standards.