Doctor Yael

Dr. Yael is a valued addition to The Cat Clinic team, quickly becoming a trusted and sought-after member. Despite being a recent addition, Dr. Yael's feline care skills have earned him a loyal following of clients who have witnessed his expertise firsthand. A proud alumnus of CLSU-CVSM, he brings four years of experience in general practice.

His journey into veterinary medicine was driven by an unwavering passion for animals, motivating him to excel and provide the best care possible. Dr. Yael's ability to handle complex cases defines his career, successfully treating intricate situations that leave pet parents and colleagues in awe. He has proven his skills in managing complicated cases, earning admiration from both pet parents and the veterinary community. Despite being relatively new to The Cat Clinic, Dr. Yael's skills and compassionate approach quickly gained trust among clients and colleagues. His commitment to excellence and dedication to feline health solidified his role as an invaluable veterinary doctor at TCC, contributing significantly to our clinic's mission of providing top-notch care to our feline companions.