If your cat requires urgent care or emergency treatment, our medical team will ensure they receive the comprehensive help they require. Schedule an appointment at our clinic, or speak to one of our medical advisers via our mobile app to determine the best course of action.

What is emergency care?

Emergency Care refers to any life-threatening conditions, such as when a cat is having a seizure or they've had an accident resulting in major wounds or uncontrollable bleeding, and which requires immediate medical attention/hospitalization.

Here are some situations that would require emergency treatment:

• Loss of consciousness
• Difficulty breathing/choking
• Excessive bleeding
• Penetrating wounds
• Allergic reactions
• Cardiac arrest
• Serious trauma (i.e., hit by a car)

What to do in the case of an emergency?

Please contact our chat facility via our Instagram or Facebook immediately, so that our emergency team can await your arrival at our clinic.

What is urgent care?

Urgent care refers to any illness or injury which requires urgent medical attention but is non-life-threatening.

Here are some situations that would require urgent care:

• Vomiting or diarrhea
• Constipation/bloating
• Flu symptoms (runny nose, coughing, or sneezing)
• Minor wound treatment (bites, cuts, abrasions, etc.)
• Dehydration
• Itchy skin/rashes
• Pain or limping
• Loss of appetite
• Eye/ear infections (tearing, redness, discharge)
• Urinary changes (irregular or bloody)
• Hair loss

What to do when you require urgent care?

For urgent care treatment, we generally advise our customers to book a same-day appointment at our clinic.

Nobody knows your cat like you do, so if you observe alterations in their behavior or sense that they are experiencing discomfort, we always advise that you contact us at the earliest opportunity. The sooner you do so, the quicker we can help ensure your cat receives the medical attention they need.

In summary

Seeing your cat become injured or sick suddenly can be a very worrying time. In the case of an obvious emergency, please contact us immediately via the chat facility on our mobile app so that we can await your arrival at our clinic. In the case of urgent care issues, please schedule a same or next day appointment. If you’re unsure which next steps to take, drop us a message via our app so that we can advise you further. We're here to help you.